Valuing Companies in Rapidly Changing Conditions

About the Course:

This highly informative session discusses the difference between disruptive change and rapid change on company value. The highly articulate speaker also presents common triggers, indications and impacts for rapid change.

Valuable insights were shared with respect to applying the discounted cash flow, market and cost methods of valuation. Of particularly great value, was a walk-through of a probabilistic valuation case study in which it was demonstrated that value can be a function of options to make future decisions.

This course includes an explanation of standards of value (e.g. fair vale versus fair market value and orderly liquidation value versus forced liquidation value) and the appropriate contexts to use such standards. Keen perspective and crucial questions to ask with regard to valuation issues across company lifecycles are imparted.

If you don't know the answers to questions such as these, you really should listen to this webinar:

  • What does it mean for a company to grow itself out of business?
  • When can an analyst mistakenly double count risks?
  • What is the highest discount rate that should be used in a discounted cash flow model? What should an analyst do if he believes a higher discount rate is warranted?
  • How should models reflect risk based on the subject company's management team?
  • When should the capitalization of earnings method be used?
  • What can default spreads tell us about the cost of debt?
  • Which benefits stream should be used when employing the income method? How do you match the benefits stream you are forecasting with the appropriate cost of capital?
  • When employing the cost method, what else should be considered besides the replacement cost?
  • When is it appropriate to apply discounts for lack of marketability when using the guideline public company approach?

Course Leader: Theresa Zeidler-Shonat, Senior Associate, AccuVal Associates, Inc.

As a Senior Associate in AccuVal Associates' business valuation practice, Theresa Zeidler-Shonat specializes in valuations for financial reporting and business valuation overlays and intangible asset valuations in support of asset-based lending appraisal engagements. Ms. Zeidler-Shonat also provides business valuations for a variety of other purposes, including gift and estate tax, tax planning and SBA lending support. Ms. Zeidler-Shonat has performed valuations for companies in a wide variety of industries, including rapidly-changing industries such as ethanol/alternative fuels and photovoltaic cell production.

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours


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