Statistical Financial Analysis

About the Course:

Valuation analysts should at least be aware of the use of statistics when preparing financial models and in preparing valuation analyses. Through highly detailed case studies and elaborate models, this session demonstrates the application of the following statistical financial modeling and valuation issues:

  • Determining a Cash-Equivalent Selling Price When Seller Financing is Part of the Deal
  • Accounting for Profitability when Using a Price-to-Sales Market Multiple in the Direct Market Data Method
  • Excel's Regression Tools - Their Use and Interpretation
  • Accounting for Seasonality in a Time Series Forecast

The following are among the statistical tools discussed during the webinar:

  • Null hypothesis
  • Alternative hypothesis
  • Test statistics
  • Rejection regions
  • Z-scores
  • Critical values
  • Skewedness
  • Kurtosis
  • Coefficient of variation
  • R2
  • p-value
  • t-stat
  • Linear regression
  • Logarithmic regression
  • Exponential regression
  • Power regression
  • Quadratic regression Excel models relevant to the case studies are included.

Course Leader: Mark G. Filler, CPA/ABV, CVA, AM, CBA, Shareholder and Managing Director, Filler & Associates

Mr. Filler leads Filler & Associates' Litigation and Claims Support practice in Portland, Maine. He has been in public accounting since February 1968 and has been a CPA since November 1972, a CVA since November 1994, a CBA since May 1997, an ABV since January 1999 and an AM since April 2004. His experience has been entirely with small firms, and consequently his focus has been on helping small business entrepreneurs solve their tax and business problems, such as tax minimization, aid in business planning and making major business decisions, aid in obtaining financing, determining management information needs, setting up cash management tools, instituting cost reduction and budgeting techniques, and the placement of bookkeepers and controllers.

Mr. Filler participates in 40 hours of continuing professional education each year, including tax, finance, statistics, forecasting, business valuation, measurement of economic damages and litigation support courses. Accordingly, the AICPA has awarded him two Certificates in Educational Achievement, one in Tax Planning and Advising for Closely Held Businesses, and the other in Business Valuation.

Course Length: Approx. 2.0 hours

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