Elective Courses

In addition to the required courses and core electives required to qualify for the CECA designation, we offer a number of elective courses.

All programs listed on this webpage are available at a 50% discount for CECA designees and candidates.

Course & LinkDescription
Investment Insights into the Sharing Economy  This webinar begins with an insightful review of the business models of key players in the sharing economy. This ground-breaking webinar continues with a discussion of the challenges confronting three pivotal sectors of the sharing economy.

Using Warrants in Leveraged ESOP Transactions  This session provides unparalleled insight into how to use warrants in structuring Employee Stock Ownership Plans. Business, tax, and legal issues are thoroughly discussed as well as exhibited with several detailed examples.

Investing in Robotics  This session discusses the trends, growth drivers, challenges to growth and detailed segmentation analysis impacting the robotics industry.

Overview of the 3D Printing Industry  This session discusses the growth drivers and challenges for the 3D printing industry as well as provides valuable insights into the inner workings of 3D printer companies.

Valuation of Cash  This session discusses many issues that arise in determining how a company's cash levels can influence the valuation of (interests in) corporate entities.

Valuations of Law Firms  This session is chalk-filled with statistics and crucial insights necessary to value law firms. Strategies to maximize the value of law firms during acquisitions negotiations are imparted.

Valuing Biotechnology Patents and Companies  This session provides profound insights into deciphering the Food and Drug Administration's biotech approval process. This course includes commentary on a variety of valuation issues that arise in connection with monoclonal antibodies, cell receptors, and intracellular signaling. A review of developments in cutting-edge technologies such as genomics, gene therapy and RNAi is provided.

Investing in Early-Stage Indian Companies  This session--presented in interview format--offers the intriguing insights of a leading venture capital investor whose firm has $70 million invested in emerging Indian companies and has been a player in the VC space in India for ten years.

Articulating the Value of Intellectual Property  This session is designed to provide investor relations professionals with a primer on articulating the value of their firms’ intellectual assets.

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